I have forgotten my password, unlock pattern or pin

It is very common to lose or forget the unlock pattern, password or PIN of our mobile device. Over the years, the security measures and requirements to protect our phones or tablets are more demanding, forcing us to use more complex passwords, with special characters or not to use the same password in several services, so it is very normal to forget it and block the terminal after several unsuccessful attempts.

How to do a reset on a Chinese mobile

If you have a Chinese Android smartphone or a fake Android smartphone it is possible that when you try to reset or format the terminal you have found that the recovery menu is written in Chinese characters and there is no way to guess what each option means.

Alternatives to Google Play

There are many alternatives to Google Play to be able to download apps to your Android device safely.

Whether you have a Huawei device after September 2019 without Google Play and Google services or if you have decided to root your device and want to do without the Google application store or if you have an Amazon tablet you can install applications for Android from these other alternative stores.

Record screen in Windows

If you need to record a video clip of the screen in the Windows operating system, you will be able to do it without installing anything since Microsoft Windows comes with the possibility of recording the screen in video by default through an application called Xbox Game Bar installed by default in the system.

Screen capture in Windows

There are various methods of taking screenshots or print screen in the Windows operating system. We show you how to take these screenshots in the Windows operating system.

How to take screenshots in Linux

If you are looking for how to take screenshots, print a screen or a screen capture on your computer with the Linux operating system, we give you the necessary instructions to do it easily.

How to make a screenshot on Mac

For new users of Mac devices or for those who come from the Windows or Linux ecosystem it can be a bit confusing to know how to take a screenshot or screenshot on Mac since there is no "Print Screen" key that PCs have. In this simple tutorial we show you how to do it.

How to make a screenshot of a website

Here you will find the steps to follow to take screenshots of web pages or print a screen on a website, you will be able to save a portion of the web page or all of its content in an image in the Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

How to take screenshots in Chromebook ChromeOS

There are several options for taking a screenshot on a Chromebook computer running Chrome OS. We show you the steps to be able to take a screenshot and save it in an image.

How to listen to music on mobile

There are many options today to listen to music on your Android, iOS or iPadOS device in a legal and free way, we will highlight the main options available to download and play music on an Android or iPhone device.