Screenshot in Chrome

To make a screenshot or screen capture to a web in the Google Chrome browser you must install an Extension, extensions in Chrome are applications that work within the browser itself.

To install an extension for Chrome you must go to the “chrome web store” or Chrome store click here to go.

There are many extensions such as FireShot, Awesome Screenshot or Nimbus, click on add to Chrome to install it in the browser.

Once installed, an icon appears in the upper right corner of the browser, click on that icon to display the options menu, you can capture the visible part of the web, capture the entire web page or just select a part.

Extensions such as Awesome Screenshot also allows you to edit the image once captured allowing you to cut, write text, arrows or draw freehand.

When you have finished editing the capture it will allow you to copy it to the clipboard, download it or share it on social networks.

Screenshot in Firefox

To make a screenshot or screen capture to a web page in Mozilla Firefox browser you can use the built-in function within the browser itself, for this go to the web you want to make a screenshot and click with the right mouse button on any part of the web.

Firefox Screenshots will be launched, you can select a part of the screen to print, the entire web page or just the visible part. The advantage of this functionality is that it is not necessary to install add-ons or extensions in the browser, if you do not have this functionality you can continue reading to install an extension.

Take a screenshot using an Add-on or Extension, add-ons in Firefox are applications that work within the browser itself.

To install an extension in Firefox you can go to Firefox Add-ons from the Firefox browser itself or click on the Firefox menu (the three horizontal stripes at the top right) and click on Add-ons.

From here you can see all the add-ons or extensions that you have installed in your browser, to install a new extension click on “Find more add-ons” you will access the Mozilla site where to look for the complements.

An example of a good extension to make screenshots is: Easy Screenshot or Awesome Screenshot or FireShot

Screenshot in Internet Explorer

To make a capture of a web in Internet Explorer you can install FireShot, a complement also available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

To do this download the program from, select Internet Explorer as a browser where to use this application and install regularly in Windows.

From the Tools -> “Add-ons Manager” menu in Internet Explorer, we must make sure that the add-on is in the “Enabled” state. At the top of the browser the new plugin icon will appear, if it does not appear, restart the browser.

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