Instructions for changing the language on Cubot devices

How to change the menu and keyboard language to Cubot devices step-by-step with images and video, instructions to add and change language to Cubot brand mobile phones and tablets. Search your device among the wide range of Cubot devices available.

Cubot Quest Lite Cubot Quest Lite
Cubot Note 20 Cubot Note 20
Cubot Quest Cubot Quest
Cubot X20 Pro Cubot X20 Pro
Cubot X19 Cubot X19
Cubot X18 Plus Cubot X18 Plus
Cubot J5 Cubot J5
Cubot X18 Cubot X18
Cubot S208 Cubot S208
Cubot King Kong Mini Cubot King Kong Mini
Cubot P30 Cubot P30
Cubot R15 Pro Cubot R15 Pro
Cubot Nova Cubot Nova
Cubot P20 Cubot P20
Cubot Magic Cubot Magic
Cubot R9 Cubot R9
Cubot Cheetah 2 Cubot Cheetah 2
Cubot GT88 Cubot GT88
Cubot Bobby Cubot Bobby
Cubot J7 Cubot J7