Instructions for changing the language on DoCoMo devices

How to change the menu and keyboard language to DoCoMo devices step by step with images and video, instructions to add and change language to DoCoMo brand mobile phones and tablets. Search your device among the wide range of DoCoMo available.

DoCoMo F-06F DoCoMo F-06F
DoCoMo F-08E DoCoMo F-08E
DoCoMo L852i DoCoMo L852i
DoCoMo F-09E DoCoMo F-09E
DoCoMo SO-02J DoCoMo SO-02J
DoCoMo F-01H DoCoMo F-01H
DoCoMo SO-01J DoCoMo SO-01J
DoCoMo SC-05G DoCoMo SC-05G
DoCoMo Regza T-01D DoCoMo Regza T-01D
DoCoMo Arrows Me F-11D DoCoMo Arrows Me F-11D
DoCoMo SO-04H DoCoMo SO-04H
DoCoMo F-05D DoCoMo F-05D
DoCoMo F-02H DoCoMo F-02H
DoCoMo L-07C DoCoMo L-07C
DoCoMo NE-202 DoCoMo NE-202
DoCoMo L-06D DoCoMo L-06D
DoCoMo SC-04G DoCoMo SC-04G
DoCoMo F-05F DoCoMo F-05F
DoCoMo SC-02H DoCoMo SC-02H
DoCoMo Regza T-02D DoCoMo Regza T-02D