Instructions for changing the language on Explay devices

How to change the menu and keyboard language to Explay devices step-by-step with images and video, instructions to add and change language to Explay brand mobile phones and tablets. Search your device among the wide range of Explay devices available.

Explay ATV Explay ATV
Explay StarTV Explay StarTV
Explay HD Quad Explay HD Quad
Explay Golf Explay Golf
Explay Flame Explay Flame
Explay Fire Explay Fire
Explay Vega Explay Vega
Explay Communicator Explay Communicator
Explay Star Explay Star
Explay Polo Explay Polo
Explay Phantom Explay Phantom
Explay Advance TV Explay Advance TV
Explay Neo Explay Neo
Explay N1 Explay N1
Explay JoyTV Explay JoyTV
Explay Fresh Explay Fresh
Explay Five Explay Five
Explay Easy Explay Easy
Explay X5 Explay X5
Explay Dream Explay Dream