Instructions to set up email on Cubot devices.

How to configure mail on a Cubot device. Instructions for installing mail on a Cubot device, information on mail applications to install and mail configuration. Search your device among the wide range of Cubot devices available.

Cubot X30 Cubot X30
Cubot J7 Cubot J7
Cubot GT72 Cubot GT72
Cubot Note 9 Cubot Note 9
Cubot Max 3 Cubot Max 3
Cubot One Cubot One
Cubot Cheetah 2 Cubot Cheetah 2
Cubot X9 Cubot X9
Cubot X17 Cubot X17
Cubot J3 Pro Cubot J3 Pro
Cubot P40 Cubot P40
Cubot KingKong Mini 2 Cubot KingKong Mini 2
Cubot X20 Cubot X20
Cubot Zorro 001 Cubot Zorro 001
Cubot Magic Cubot Magic
Cubot R15 Cubot R15
Cubot S200 Cubot S200
Cubot Note Plus Cubot Note Plus
Cubot Max 2 Cubot Max 2