Frequently asked questions on Condor mobile phones, tablets and watches

Answers to frequently asked questions on Condor devices. Reasons for a hard reset or reset a Condor, Is it safe to do a hard reset or format in a Condor?, What data is deleted when performing a hard reset in a Condor?, What should I do before doing a hard reset?, Can I install Fortnite on my Condor?, I forgot the PIN code of my Condor, I forgot the unlock pattern, How to make my Condor faster?, How to update my Condor? How to backup my Condor?

Condor Allure M1 Condor Allure M1
Condor PHQ520 Condor PHQ520
Condor Plume L8 Pro Condor Plume L8 Pro
Condor Plume L4 Condor Plume L4
Condor Allure M3 Condor Allure M3
Condor Allure M1 Plus Condor Allure M1 Plus
Condor PAM412 Condor PAM412
Condor PGN-504 Condor PGN-504
Condor PGN-509 Condor PGN-509
Condor PGN511 Condor PGN511
Condor PGN514 Condor PGN514
Condor PGN522 Condor PGN522
Condor PGN527 Condor PGN527
Condor PGN528 Condor PGN528
Condor PGN605 Condor PGN605
Condor PGN608 Condor PGN608
Condor PGN609 Condor PGN609
Condor PGN613 Condor PGN613
Condor SP413 Condor SP413
Condor Allure M2 Condor Allure M2