Cast content to TV from Android

Cast content to TV from Android

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Sometimes it happens that you are watching a video on YouTube and you want to see it on the big screen, or you would like to be able to change series or film from your mobile phone or tablet, using it as a remote control.

It may also be that you want to put a song or playlist on the TV and it is cumbersome to use the remote control to navigate Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music or the music service you use frequently.

Or you may also want to see your photo gallery on the big screen of your television, since no matter how large your smartphone is, all the details of megapixels, HDR and functions that mobile device cameras bring can not be appreciated so as well as a 42 or 55 inch screen.

For all this you can use a function increasingly implemented in Android video and music apps with which you can send video content, music and photos to your Smart TV.

We explain step by step how to perform this function, keep in mind that it will work as long as the TV and the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

In this tutorial we will explain how to do it on YouTube since it is an application installed by default on most devices with the Android operating system and it is also a free service but remember that you can use this method in most of applications and streaming services.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

Step 1:

First we open the application from which we want to send video, music or photos content. In this example we use YouTube but the process is similar in other apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Google Photos or Spotify.

YouTube Samsung phone

Step 2:

We look for the icon to broadcast content, it is an icon of a rectangle simulating a screen with the symbol of Wi-Fi waves from the left corner. On YouTube it is located at the top of the screen but in other apps it may be located at the bottom right. Click to continue on this icon.

Youtube icon to broadcast content

Step 3:

A floating window will appear with the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network to which we can send the content, it can be a smart TV or a Chromecast.

Click on the name of the device to which we want to send the content.

Devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network

Step 4:

Finally, click on the video, song, playlist or photo that we want to play on the TV screen.

In the case of YouTube we can play directly or add to the play queue.

Play button on TV
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