Create a Instagram story

Create a Instagram story

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An Instagram story is a feature of the social network Instagram that allows users to share temporary photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. These stories are displayed at the top of the app and can be viewed by clicking on the user's thumbnail profile photo.

If you are new to Instagram and wondering how to create a Story, keep reading to see the entire process step by step and with screenshots.

Throughout the following sections, we will guide you simply and step by step through the process of creating an Instagram Story. It doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner; With our instructions, you'll be sharing your own Stories in no time.

You'll learn how to capture photos and videos, apply effects, add text, stickers, and more to personalize your Stories and make them stand out. We'll also show you how to adjust privacy and how to interact with your friends and followers through this feature.

Estimated time: 10 minutes.

Step 1:

Logically, the first step is to open the Instagram application from our phone or tablet. Look for its icon on the home screen, if you can't find it, slide your finger to the left to see the different desktops.

Instagram icon

Step 2:

Once the application is open, our “feed” will appear, this is where we will see the publications and reels of the accounts we are following as well as other recommended accounts.

At the top left a circle appears with your profile image, click on the + symbol since if you click on the rest of the icon you will see your current story.

Add Instagram story

Step 3:

To include in your Instagram story you can select the phone's photo and video camera or an existing photo or video in the device's gallery. In this example we are going to use the camera.

Camera add story

Step 4:

Check that you have “Story” selected. If you have chosen the camera, by pressing the shutter once you can take a photo, if you want to record a video, press and hold the shutter for the time necessary to record the video.

Create Instagram story

Step 5:

The filters appear as circles next to the shutter, press a filter to see in real time how it would look applied to the photo or video you have taken. You can also check the filters before taking the photo or video to see the result beforehand.

Instagram filters

Step 6:

To add text, once you have taken the photo or video, click on the “Aa” icon that appears at the top of the screen.

Add Instagram story text

Step 7:

Write the text, use the wheel that appears on the left of the screen to increase or decrease the font size. When you are finished, you can hide the keyboard by pressing the down arrow that appears at the bottom left of the keyboard or the “Done” button at the top right of the screen.

Change Instagram font size

Step 8:

You can mention another person or Instagram account, to do so click on “@ Mention”. Write the “handle” of the account you want to mention, you can add as many mentions as you want as long as they fit on the screen.

The “handle” is the Instagram username.

Mention in Instagram story

Step 9:

You can also add a label with the location, click on “Location”, search for the city or town you want to mention. It is not necessary for you to be in that location, you can enter the location of any city in the world.

Add location to Instagram story

Step 10:

You can change the font using the fonts available at the bottom of the screen, move through the different fonts to see the result in real time.

You can also click on the “Aa” icon that we clicked before to change the background of the text and on the color circle to change the color of the text.

Change Instagram font

Step 11:

Moving the text around is a bit complicated, you have to click on the text and drag to the place where you want to place it. Sometimes it is difficult to select the text to move it, from experience I recommend trying several times until you find the precise key that moves the text.

To delete text, drag it to the trash icon that appears when you are moving the text.

Move text Instagram story

Step 12:

You can add stickers by clicking on the button of a square with a face inside, like the one that appears in the following image.

Add sticker to Instagram story

Step 13:

To add effects, click on the three stars icon that appears at the top of the screen.

Add effects to Instagram story

Step 14:

When you have finished editing the story you can publish it by clicking on the arrow icon, clicking on “Your story” or “Close friends”.

You can also save it in your device's memory or as a draft to publish it later. To do so, click on the icon with the three horizontal dots at the top right of the screen and select "Download", click on the button. Go back and you will see the option to “Save draft”.

Post Instagram Story

To see your story click on your profile icon, to add a new image or video to your story click on the + symbol on your profile icon.

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