Here you can find instructions to scan QR codes on Cubot devices

How to read QR codes on Cubot devices step-by-step, instructions to download and install apps to scan QR codes on Cubot brand devices. Search your device among the extensive Cubot catalog available.

Cubot J3 Pro Cubot J3 Pro
Cubot Quest Lite Cubot Quest Lite
Cubot C7+ Cubot C7+
Cubot C6 Cubot C6
Cubot X9 Cubot X9
Cubot J5 Cubot J5
Cubot S350 Cubot S350
Cubot H3 Cubot H3
Cubot J7 Cubot J7
Cubot T9 Cubot T9
Cubot A890 Cubot A890
Cubot R11 Cubot R11
Cubot X15 Cubot X15
Cubot Power Cubot Power
Cubot GT99 Cubot GT99
Cubot P11 Cubot P11
Cubot C10+ Cubot C10+
Cubot GT72 Cubot GT72
Cubot S600 Cubot S600
Cubot J8 Cubot J8