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Record video screen on mobile devices

Here you will find instructions to record the screen of your mobile device in video with either the Android or iOS operating system.

By recording the screen of our mobile phone or tablet we are recording in a video everything that is shown on the screen of the device, it is also possible to record the internal sound (for example, videos, music, audios or system sounds) and even use the microphone of the device to include our voice or ambient sound.

Modern mobile devices allow for screen recording with a few simple steps. It's important to keep in mind that video recording can take up a significant amount of storage space, so it's essential to have enough storage available on your device.

Once the screen video has been recorded, it is possible to edit, crop, rotate, include images, music, sounds, arrows, animations, text or hide personal data. Whether edited or unedited, it is possible to send this video to our contacts or upload it to a social network.

Use the search engine or browse through the devices most searched by users, you will find information on how to capture in video the screen of your mobile step-by-step, recommended recording applications and utilities.

Record screen on video by brand:

If you prefer, find the instructions to video record the screen of your mobile / cell phone by brand. Click on the brand of your device to see step-by-step how to record in a video what is shown on the screen.