Instructions to take screenshots, make screenshots or save screen on Assistant devices.

How to capture the screen on a Assistant device, make a screenshot, print screen, screengrab or take a screenshot. Instructions to capture the screen and save the image to a Assistant device.
Making a screenshot in a Assistant is very simple, find your model among the 12 available devices and find a way to make the screenshot step-by-step. Taking a screenshot or screenshot is very useful for sharing the capture of a WhatsApp conversation, an Instagram story or an image you've seen on Facebook.

Assistant AS-5436 Grid Assistant AS-5436 Grid
Assistant AS-503 Target Assistant AS-503 Target
Assistant AS-5421 Surf Assistant AS-5421 Surf
Assistant AS-5412 max Assistant AS-5412 max
Assistant AP-108G Cetus Assistant AP-108G Cetus
Assistant AS-5434 Club Assistant AS-5434 Club
Assistant AS-5435 Shine Assistant AS-5435 Shine
Assistant AS-601L Pro Assistant AS-601L Pro
Assistant AS-5411 max Ritm Assistant AS-5411 max Ritm
Assistant AS-501 Club Assistant AS-501 Club
Assistant AS-401L Asper Assistant AS-401L Asper
Assistant AS-502 Shot Assistant AS-502 Shot