Instructions to take screenshots, make screenshots, record screen or save screen on Evercoss devices.

How to capture the screen on a Evercoss device, record screen, make a screenshot, print screen or take a screenshot. Instructions to capture the screen and save the image to a Evercoss device.
Making a screenshot in a Evercoss is very simple, find your model and find a way to make the screenshot step by step. Taking a screenshot or screenshot is very useful for sharing the capture of a WhatsApp conversation, an Instagram story or an image you've seen on Facebook.

Evercoss A53B Evercoss A53B
Evercoss A5Z Evercoss A5Z
Evercoss A5T Evercoss A5T
Evercoss A7A Evercoss A7A
Evercoss A7T Star Plus Evercoss A7T Star Plus
Evercoss Elevate Y3 Plus B75 Evercoss Elevate Y3 Plus B75
Evercoss U50A Plus Evercoss U50A Plus
Evercoss U60 Evercoss U60
Evercoss A11 Evercoss A11
Evercoss A12B Evercoss A12B
Evercoss A26B Evercoss A26B
Evercoss A28M Evercoss A28M
Evercoss A33A Evercoss A33A
Evercoss A53C Evercoss A53C
Evercoss A5A Evercoss A5A
Evercoss A5C Evercoss A5C
Evercoss A5K Evercoss A5K
Evercoss A66B Evercoss A66B
Evercoss A747 Evercoss A747
Evercoss A74D Evercoss A74D