Instructions to take screenshots, make screenshots, record screen or save screen on GPhone devices.

How to capture the screen on a GPhone device, record screen, make a screenshot, print screen or take a screenshot. Instructions to capture the screen and save the image to a GPhone device.
Making a screenshot in a GPhone is very simple, find your model and find a way to make the screenshot step by step. Taking a screenshot or screenshot is very useful for sharing the capture of a WhatsApp conversation, an Instagram story or an image you've seen on Facebook.

GPhone Cheer GPhone Cheer
GPhone A1 GPhone A1
GPhone A4 GPhone A4
GPhone A2 Bright GPhone A2 Bright
GPhone Bold 2 GPhone Bold 2
GPhone Bold 3 GPhone Bold 3
GPhone Bold GPhone Bold
GPhone Candy 2 GPhone Candy 2
GPhone Evo GPhone Evo
GPhone Fantastic GPhone Fantastic
GPhone G550I GPhone G550I
GPhone Quantum E01 GPhone Quantum E01
GPhone Tetra 2 GPhone Tetra 2
GPhone Tetra 3 GPhone Tetra 3
GPhone Tetra GPhone Tetra