Covia CP-F50AK

Covia CP-F50AK

How to make a screenshot or screen capture in a CP-F50AK

An essential functionality today in a mobile phone or tablet is the possibility of taking screenshots, that is to say to record in an image what appears on the screen at that precise moment on your Covia CP-F50AK.

There are applications that can perform this functionality, but fortunately you do not need to install any additional app as it is included in the Android 4.4.2 operating system.

When you make a screenshot, you can send that WhatsApp conversation, Tinder, Instagram story, Facebook photo or video frame in the memory of your Covia device.

On the contrary, if you want to record a video of what is shown on the screen of your Covia CP-F50AK, for example to record a video call, a story or a web page or piece of an internet video, you can follow the next tutorial: Record screen from Covia CP-F50AK

First method:

If you want to make a screenshot to your Covia CP-F50AK you have to follow these simple steps:

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

1- First step: First we go to the screen to which you want to make the screenshot of your Covia CP-F50AK, be it a web page, chat or application. Home screen

2- Second step: Press the power key simultaneously and the volume key down in your Covia CP-F50AK. If you want to capture a video the procedure is the same but pressing the power key and the volume key up.

3- Third step: The captured image is automatically saved in the gallery of your mobile/cell phoneCovia CP-F50AK. Gallery

4- Fourth step: Click on the capture that you just made on your CP-F50AK and you will be able to edit it, trim it or send it to your contacts or through your preferred social network.

Second method to make a screenshot in CP-F50AK:

1- Go to the screen you want to capture the screen in your Covia.

2- Open the notification bar and select "Capture".

3- The captured image is automatically saved in the gallery of your phone or tablet Covia.

About the device:

It has a processor Quad Core, 1.2GHz.

The Covia CP-F50AK it comes from the factory with the operating system Android 4.4.2

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