At you can find instructions for sharing location on Advan devices

How to share my location with Advan devices step-by-step, instructions to send my location from WhatsApp, SMS, email or iMessage on Advan brand devices. Search your device among the wide range of Advan devices available.

Advan I45 Advan I45
Advan S50D Advan S50D
Advan S3E Advan S3E
Advan 5061 Advan 5061
Advan Tab 8 Advan Tab 8
Advan S4A Advan S4A
Advan S5L Advan S5L
Advan S4H Advan S4H
Advan T1Ci Advan T1Ci
Advan S4X Advan S4X
Advan NasaPlus School Hero Advan NasaPlus School Hero
Advan G5 Plus Advan G5 Plus
Advan Tab VX Advan Tab VX
Advan S5G Advan S5G
Advan i7 Plus Advan i7 Plus
Advan i6A Advan i6A
Advan S5J Advan S5J
Advan G-Tab 8 Advan G-Tab 8
Advan 5059 Advan 5059
Advan G1 Pro Advan G1 Pro