At you can find instructions for sharing location on Celkon devices

How to share my location with Celkon devices step-by-step, instructions to send my location from WhatsApp, SMS, email or iMessage on Celkon brand devices. Search your device among the wide range of Celkon devices available.

Celkon Glory Q5 Celkon Glory Q5
Celkon A115 Celkon A115
Celkon A 107+ Celkon A 107+
Celkon A19 Celkon A19
Celkon A90 Celkon A90
Celkon A99+ Celkon A99+
Celkon A402 Celkon A402
Celkon A88 Celkon A88
Celkon A125 Celkon A125
Celkon A40 Celkon A40
Celkon Monalisa 5 Celkon Monalisa 5
Celkon A112 Celkon A112
Celkon A9+ Celkon A9+
Celkon Millennia Everest Celkon Millennia Everest
Celkon Q519 Celkon Q519
Celkon CT-910 Celkon CT-910
Celkon A518 Celkon A518
Celkon A359 Celkon A359
Celkon A355 Celkon A355
Celkon Millennia Epic Q550 Celkon Millennia Epic Q550