At you can find instructions for sharing location on Evercoss devices

How to share my location with Evercoss devices step-by-step, instructions to send my location from WhatsApp, SMS, email or iMessage on Evercoss brand devices. Search your device among the wide range of Evercoss devices available.

Evercoss A7S Evercoss A7S
Evercoss A5A Star Evercoss A5A Star
Evercoss A53B Evercoss A53B
Evercoss U60 Evercoss U60
Evercoss A28T Evercoss A28T
Evercoss A53C Evercoss A53C
Evercoss A7B Evercoss A7B
Evercoss R50B Evercoss R50B
Evercoss A747 Evercoss A747
Evercoss A28M Evercoss A28M
Evercoss R40D Evercoss R40D
Evercoss A7T Plus Evercoss A7T Plus
Evercoss A11 Evercoss A11
Evercoss A5V Evercoss A5V
Evercoss R45 Evercoss R45
Evercoss A74J Evercoss A74J
Evercoss A200 Evercoss A200
Evercoss A74N Evercoss A74N
Evercoss A7L Evercoss A7L
Evercoss Elevate Y Power A75L Evercoss Elevate Y Power A75L