At you can find instructions for sharing location on Fero devices

How to share my location with Fero devices step-by-step, instructions to send my location from WhatsApp, SMS, email or iMessage on Fero brand devices. Search your device among the wide range of Fero devices available.

Fero X1 Fero X1
Fero V501 Fero V501
Fero Royale X2 Fero Royale X2
Fero Pace Fero Pace
Fero Pace 2 Lite Fero Pace 2 Lite
Fero Mega Fero Mega
Fero A5002 Fero A5002
Fero A4501 Fero A4501
Fero A4002 Fero A4002
Fero Zoom LTE Fero Zoom LTE
Fero Y1 Fero Y1
Fero U451 Fero U451
Fero Supreme T5 Fero Supreme T5
Fero Royale A1 Fero Royale A1
Fero Power Fero Power
Fero Mega LTE Fero Mega LTE
Fero L100 Fero L100
Fero J1 Fero J1
Fero Iris Fero Iris
Fero I401 Fero I401