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How to see the serial number on mobile devices

All mobile devices have a unique identification number assigned by the manufacturer to identify an individual electronic device, this number is known as the serial number and each manufacturer can follow a pattern that can be only numeric or alphanumeric.

The function of this serial number is to be able to identify by the manufacturer various data of a device such as the date and time of manufacture, factory, manufacturing line, etc.

For manufacturers, it is also a way to know if a product is authentic or counterfeit and if its warranty period has expired, some manufacturers such as Apple provide a form on their website to find out if the warranty of one of their products has expired, this form can also be used to identify a possible counterfeit or out-of-warranty product.

When buying a second-hand electronic device it is important to ask the seller for the serial number before making the purchase, this serial number does not allow tracking, locating or spying on the owner of the device, it is only used for the reasons explained previously.