Here you can find instructions for sharing the internet on Bellphone devices

How to share the internet with Bellphone devices step by step, instructions to share the internet connection by creating a Wi-Fi network on Bellphone brand devices.

Sharing data from your Bellphone phone, also called tethering, is very easy and is available in a few simple steps through configuring network settings.

If you are away from home or the office, without access to a WiFi network to connect to and you need to use the internet connection on a tablet, laptop, smartphone or television, you can use the internet connection data of your Bellphone phone.

If a friend needs to use your connection for a while you can share it from your Bellphone smartphone, simply search for your device among the wide catalog of 6 available Bellphone devices.

Bellphone BP326 Forte Bellphone BP326 Forte
Bellphone BP99 Bellphone BP99
Bellphone BP 326 Mori Bellphone BP 326 Mori
Bellphone BP138 Bellphone BP138
Bellphone BP 326 Bellphone BP 326
Bellphone BP 268 Bellphone BP 268