Here you can find instructions to make video calls on Airis devices

How to make video calls on Airis devices step by step, instructions for downloading and installing video conferencing applications on Airis devices. Search your device among the wide range of Airis available.

Airis GN135 Airis GN135
Airis TM475 Airis TM475
Airis TM60I Airis TM60I
Airis TM6SI Airis TM6SI
Airis TM55QZ Airis TM55QZ
Airis TM52Q Airis TM52Q
Airis TM530 Airis TM530
Airis TM60D Airis TM60D
Airis TM350 Airis TM350
Airis TM60Q Airis TM60Q
Airis TM450 Airis TM450
Airis TM570 Airis TM570
Airis TM5QWM Airis TM5QWM
Airis TM45DM Airis TM45DM
Airis TM36DM Airis TM36DM
Airis TM420 Airis TM420
Airis TM600 Airis TM600
Airis TM45TM Airis TM45TM
Airis TM485M Airis TM485M
Airis TM360 Airis TM360