Here you can find instructions to make video calls on Feiteng devices

How to make video calls on Feiteng devices step by step, instructions for downloading and installing video conferencing applications on Feiteng devices. Search your device among the wide range of Feiteng devices available.

Feiteng GT-I9300 Feiteng GT-I9300
Feiteng GT-N9300 Feiteng GT-N9300
Feiteng H9500S Feiteng H9500S
Feiteng N9300 plus Feiteng N9300 plus
Feiteng SPRD-GT-A7100 Feiteng SPRD-GT-A7100
Feiteng GT-I93000 Feiteng GT-I93000
Feiteng H7100 Feiteng H7100
Feiteng H830 Feiteng H830
Feiteng H9500 Feiteng H9500
Feiteng H9503 Feiteng H9503