Update WhatsApp on iPhone

Update WhatsApp on iPhone

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Updating applications on iPhone is a task that we do not know why it is quite hidden, when it should be the opposite, since keeping our applications updated is very important, both for security reasons and to be able to enjoy better performance, battery savings and new functions that application developers are incorporating.

Perhaps the reason is that they make it complicated to force us to activate automatic updates and so that we forget about this issue, however I always recommend deactivating automatic updates and choosing when and which applications are updated, since sometimes They remove functionalities from us or make applications worse with an update and we cannot reinstall a previous version of an application even if we want to.

It is very important to keep WhatsApp updated since it is one of those applications that we use daily, it contains our personal data, conversations, photos and videos and therefore, it is essential to install the security updates that are released.

In addition to security reasons, updating WhatsApp allows us to have and use the latest features that are released from time to time such as voice and video notes, broadcast channels, statuses, stories, etc.

Currently WhatsApp for iPhone has a weight of about 200 Mb and it is possible that it will increase over the years, so it is advisable to be connected to a WIFi network instead of the cellular network to download updates and avoid consumption. very high of our rate data.

Estimated time: 5 minutes.

Step 1:

Look for the "App Store" application icon, as you will see in the following image, it is an icon that contains three lines that symbolize the letter A and you can find it on the home screen of your iPhone.

If you can't find it on the home screen, swipe left to move through the different home screens.

If you still can't find it, slide down to open the iPhone system search engine and type “App Store”.

Press to open the Apple App Store.

App Store icon iPhone

Step 2:

Click on your account icon that appears in the upper right part of the application store; your iCloud profile photo will appear on this icon.

Open App Store account

Step 3:

Scroll down until you see the list of applications that have an update available. If WhatsApp has an update available, it will appear in this list.

Click on the WhatsApp icon to see the available update.

List of available App Store updates

Step 4:

When you click on the WhatsApp application tab you will see the “Update” button. In this tab you will also be able to see the new features included in this update, the WhatsApp rating in the App Store, the weight of the update and screenshots.

Press the “Update” button.

Update WhatsApp iPhone

Step 5:

Downloading the update will take a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

It is always advisable to use a WiFi connection to download or update applications to avoid data consumption on your telephone rate.

Downloading WhatsApp iPhone update

If after several weeks you verify that there are no updates available to download, it is possible that you have automatic updates activated, this means that the App Store is configured to autonomously and automatically download all the updates that are released.

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