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How to locate or find mobile devices

Here you will find instructions to locate your lost, stolen or lost mobile device with the Android, iOS, Microsoft, Blackberry or Tizen operating system.

Manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and activity wristbands incorporate systems to be able to find a device the moment it is turned on and connects to the internet and to be able to geolocate it on a map to be able to retrieve it.

Use the search engine or browse through the devices most searched by users, you will find information on how to find your mobile step-by-step, recommended location applications and utilities.

Questions and answers from users about "Locate or find mobile devices"

Azmat - 12/04/2024 12:44

I lost my phone (Pixel 5)on April 9, 2024. The problem I'm facing is that I already set the location OFF on my phone, so it is NOT possible to locate my phone even its ON. Please help!

Resette - 07/04/2024 19:59

Return my Cellphone find the location via IMEI or last location where it go

Mercy - 01/04/2024 19:23

My blackview a80 was stolen pls help me it was stolen after 15.00 hrs aftternoon in Matatiele

Mayank - 01/04/2024 18:12

My phone is stole and location is off how to find my phone

Tina - 27/03/2024 20:15

i lost my phone phantom x25G. VC 246387 D/N :M7N15, I have tried to report at i police station no progress of finding my phone the problem z can't remember my Google account number

kwanda - 11/03/2024 10:10

I lost my phone the day before yesterday around 9 to 10pm so now I'm trying to find it...it doesn't have a Google account because it new I bought it about a week ago