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Frequently asked questions about mobile devices

Here you will find answers to the most frequent questions that arise for users of smart mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches both Android and iOS. Reasons for a hard reset or reset, Is it safe to do a hard reset or format?, What data is deleted when performing a hard reset?, What should I do before doing a hard reset?, Can I install Fortnite on my mobile?, I forgot the PIN code, I forgot unlock pattern, How to make my smartphone faster?, How to update? How to backup my mobile?

Questions and answers from users about "Frequently asked questions smartphones, tablets and smartwatches"

User - 02/04/2024 18:48

I cant translate chinese language into english language

moses - 02/04/2024 06:08

aqous zero 6 cant send sms but can recieve

Koketso - 26/03/2024 14:44

Can I increase my phone storage?

Wael - 23/03/2024 13:27


سجال - 17/03/2024 16:43

Good evening, I have a problem with this version of the sharp R6 phone, with regard to requiring a previous password or using a previous Google account. I bought it from a store seller and it was fine until it turned off immediately and I had to repair the device and restore the factory settings, but as I mentioned, I cannot open it. Device, do you have a solution?

Tooba - 15/03/2024 18:55

Ok bundles of thnks

miss - 15/03/2024 11:14

i just bought a new rog phone 8 pro.. i used it for a moment then suddenly it was locked and i don't know the pin. how can i unlocked it?

Tooba - 14/03/2024 19:05

hy my snapchat camera are not good in Infinix hot 40i because when I make the video on snapchat and save the quality of video are change Even I was update the App