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Share Wi-Fi password with a QR code

Passwords for Wi-Fi networks are getting more and more complicated and it is almost impossible to remember them. This is not without reason, a complex password containing numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters is necessary to make it difficult or impossible for a malicious attacker to gain access, or for a neighbor to connect to your Wi-Fi network without permission.

For this reason, it is very useful to be able to share your Wi-Fi network password with friends, family members, or partners without having to spell it out or write it down, as the risk of making a mistake can result in wasted time.

On smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system version 10 and above, it is possible to share not only the password but all of the Wi-Fi network information, so that the other person can quickly configure their device and start using it.

You can search for your device in the catalog that has this feature by brand or device name by using the search engine provided.

Questions and answers from users about "Share Wi-Fi password with a QR code"

Hudhaifa - 13/04/2024 13:29

What if Tecno pouvoir 3 air don't bring share option?

Richard - 31/03/2024 14:30

What do I do if there is no gear icon on the name of the wifi I'm connected, Step 4?