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Share Wi-Fi password with a QR code

Passwords for Wi-Fi networks are getting more and more complicated and it is almost impossible to learn them. This is not a whim, a complex password that contains numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters is necessary to make it difficult or impossible to find out by a malicious attacker who wants to spy on your internet browsing or a defaulting neighbor who wants to connect to your Wi-Fi network without paying.

For this reason, it is very useful to be able to share your Wi-Fi network password with a friend, partner or family member without having to spell it out and write it down with the risk of making a mistake and having to start over with the loss of time that it entails.

In smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system from version 10 it is possible to share not only the password but all the information of the Wi-Fi network so that in an instant the other person can have it configured on their device and can start using it.

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