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How to reboot or do a restart on mobile devices

A reset of a device, also known as a "soft reset," is the process of turning off and then turning back on the equipment. Unlike a factory reset (hard reset), this procedure is simpler and less drastic. It does not delete user data or settings; it simply restarts the operating system and applications.

The restart is useful for resolving minor software issues, such as unresponsive applications, temporary slowness, or minor system errors. It is comparable to restarting a computer when it freezes or operates inefficiently. Generally, this process is safe and does not involve the risk of losing personal data or settings, unlike more drastic reset methods.

Here you will find instructions for restarting your mobile device, also known as a "soft reset," whether it is a mobile phone or cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, or activity tracker.

A reset does not erase any data from your device; it simply turns off and turns on the equipment again so that all processes can start from scratch and free up memory if it is hung, frozen, stuck, or operates very slowly.