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How to hard reset or force restore mobile devices

Force restore, commonly called “do a hard reset" to a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or virtual reality device involves resetting the device to its original factory state, deleting all data and custom settings. Also It is known as a "force factory reset" or "force factory restore" and differs from a soft factory reset or "soft reset" which can be done from the device settings and is much easier than performing a "hard reset" There are several situations in which it is necessary to perform a hard reset:

- The device does not turn on, shows an error or it is not possible to access the settings.

- The unlock code has been forgotten.

- Removing persistent malware: If your device is infected with persistent malware and antivirus cannot remove it, you can perform a restore via Android Recovery to remove everything on your device, including malware, and start from scratch.

Questions and answers from users about "Hard reset"

Jackie Jones - 31/05/2024 16:34

My phone's password was changed,by my so called hackers. I tried to access the menu but it wouldn't let me.I then tried to perform a hard reset and it didn't work. After that all the phone did was flash and it didn't want to turn off.

Ngonidzashe - 07/05/2024 03:26

My Huawei y7 prime 2019 stuck up when it shut off due to power then i tryed to charge it when it lights up it displays 3 options the firstly is Reboot system now.
Secondly is wipe data/factory reset.
Thirdly is wipe cache partion. I tried all these steps but nothing worked

Oriental - 04/05/2024 17:08

Hard reset using power and volume up not working

Russell - 02/05/2024 20:06

Is there a way to save the passwords and some of the settings?

NAS - 13/04/2024 06:02

am rebooting it but its keep turning on.

Natukunda - 06/04/2024 22:21

I made a factory reset on my Hisense U962 and I don't still remember the password and email I used before what can I do to restart my phone

Mike - 04/04/2024 20:49

This doesn't work. Power + volume down does nothing. Power + volume up reboots the device.

Benjie - 01/04/2024 09:34

I press the button up and power nothing happen