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How to delete the Google account on mobile devices

Here you will find instructions to delete the Google account on your mobile device with either the Android, iOS, Microsoft, Blackberry or Tizen operating system.

If you need to delete, remove or change the Google account associated with your mobile device, either because you are going to sell it, give it away, donate it or have it repaired, we will indicate the step-by-step instructions to be able to locate where the Google accounts are.

In Android devices, when unlinking from a Google account, we deactivate the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) that protects it from a factory reset without the owner's consent.

Use the search engine or browse through the most searched devices by users, you will find information on how to delete the Google account from your mobile step-by-step and utilities.

Unlink Google account by brand:

If you prefer, you can find the instructions to unlink or delete a Google account from your Android or iOS mobile / cell phone by searching by brand. Click on the brand of your device to see step-by-step how to delete the Google account.