Screenshot and reset mobile devices

In you will find information on how to take screenshots, record screen on mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches, computers and web pages.

You can also get step-by-step help to obtain the IMEI code, locate a device, reset, format, update and many more functions of smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and devices that you may not have known about.

What is a screenshot?

A screenshot is an image of the screen that the user is viewing on a mobile phone, tablet, computer, smartwatch or web page.

Also called screen capture or print screen is useful to teach another person what is being seen on the device, for example when a computer technician need to see what error appears on the computer when performing a certain action.

It is also widely used in smartphones to get an image of a conversation on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook and be able to send it to a contact, at other times it is necessary to take a picture of the screen to a web page or application to have it as a reminder or to save the prices of an offer found on the internet.

In addition to a still picture it is also possible to make a video recording or screen recording of the screen on phones, tablets and computers.

If you want to find a way to do it on a mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch use the search engine to find your device, if you want to do it on a computer we give you instructions on how to do it on Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Help and tutorials for electronic devices

Screenshot with three fingers on Android

Android device manufacturers have experimented with a variety of gestures and methods for taking screenshots, seeking to offer users more intuitive and accessible ways to capture content on their devices.
Here we explain how to activate screenshot with three fingers on Android.

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Convert images to pdf for free and offline

If you want to convert several images to PDF but you do not want or cannot upload them to a website for privacy reasons, I have the solution to convert one or several images to a single PDF file from Windows and also for free and without downloading any program, since it only We are going to use the tools included in the operating system.

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How to install .apk files

What is an APK file? Advantages and disadvantages of installing .apk files on Android, what is the procedure and where to download from?
All those doubts resolved in this guide to download and install applications manually without Google Play.

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What does Wipe Cache Partition mean?

"Wipe Cache Partition" is a term used in the context of Android devices, which refers to the process of wiping the system cache partition. This process is a troubleshooting and maintenance tool for Android devices. In this article I explain a little more about what it means and what it is for.

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Error downloading do not turn off target

The message "Downloading... Do not turn off target" on an Android device indicates that the phone or tablet has entered "Download Mode." This is a special status primarily used to update the device firmware or perform diagnostics.

There are several ways to exit downloading mode without damaging the device and without having to pay for applications or PC software

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Developer mode on Samsung

"Developer Mode" on Samsung devices, like other Android devices, is a feature designed for app developers and advanced users. Offers additional options and settings that are not available in the standard settings menu.

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Basic concepts for setting up an email account

If you have gotten lost when configuring an email account on an electronic device, here we explain the basic concepts that you should know. Once you understand these concepts, you will better understand the data that is requested when installing email on a phone. mobile, tablet or computer.

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How to delete Reddit history

Maybe you didn't know it but in the Reddit application for mobile phones all the searches that are carried out and all the posts that are viewed are recorded.
Whether you want to preserve your privacy or if you use a device shared with more people, you are interested in knowing how to delete all those searches and views of publications.

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Edit shortcuts panel on a Samsung

If you are looking for a way to add a new icon to shortcuts or quick access or want to change the order in which they appear so that you can access them more quickly, follow this step-by-step instruction guide with images.

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Turn off Family Link parental controls

For those looking to completely turn off parental controls for a Google account, we've prepared a comprehensive guide detailing every step of the process. This guide, which includes illustrative images, is designed to be easy to follow, ensuring that even parents less familiar with technology can accomplish this task without complications.

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How to record screen on PlayStation 5

In the world of gaming, certain moments deserve to be immortalized. Whether it's an impressive achievement, a funny mistake, or an amazing discovery. In this tutorial we teach you step by step how to configure screen recording and later how to quickly perform a screen recording on PS5 just by pressing a button.

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How to take a screenshot on PlayStation 5

If you have ever wanted to capture the screen of your PS5 during a game of a video game to save it on a hard drive, memory or share it on social networks, in this guide we will explain how to configure screenshots and later how to take screenshots immediately without pausing the game with the press of a button.

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