Screenshot and reset mobile devices

In you will find information on how to take screenshots, record screen on mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches, computers and web pages.

You can also get step-by-step help to obtain the IMEI code, locate a device, reset, format, update and many more functions of smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and devices that you may not have known about.

What is a screenshot?

A screenshot is an image of the screen that the user is viewing on a mobile phone, tablet, computer, smartwatch or web page.

Also called screen capture or print screen is useful to teach another person what is being seen on the device, for example when a computer technician need to see what error appears on the computer when performing a certain action.

It is also widely used in smartphones to get an image of a conversation on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook and be able to send it to a contact, at other times it is necessary to take a picture of the screen to a web page or application to have it as a reminder or to save the prices of an offer found on the internet.

In addition to a still picture it is also possible to make a video recording or screen recording of the screen on phones, tablets and computers.

If you want to find a way to do it on a mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch use the search engine to find your device, if you want to do it on a computer we give you instructions on how to do it on Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Help and tutorials for electronic devices

How to update Meta Quest

Updating a device, like the Meta Quest, not only improves its performance and fixes small problems and security flaws that may arise, but it also gives you access to new features and tools that Meta has designed to make your experience even more pleasant and efficient.

Here you will find detailed step-by-step instructions, with images and tips to download and update your Meta Quest to the latest version of the software.

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How to delete a contact from Telegram on iPhone

Every time one of our contacts registers on Telegram we receive a notification and a new chat is opened with that contact, this is very annoying, especially when it happens with old contacts that we have already deleted from our phone book and even from Google Contacts or our agenda in the iCloud cloud.

Telegram has its own contact book in the cloud, continue reading to know how to delete Telegram contacts permanently and avoid receiving those annoying notifications.

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Your device is corrupt Android error

The message "Your device is corrupt. It can't be trusted and may not work properly" may appear due to various reasons and you may not know why.

In this tutorial we guide you through the necessary steps to restart your Android device so that it stops displaying the corrupted system error.

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Developer mode on Android

Turning on developer mode gives you access to a ton of options that aren't available to the average user. These options can help you improve device performance, try new features, and further customize the user experience.

Check out this guide to enable developer mode on Android phones and tablets with step-by-step instructions and real images.

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Developer mode on Xiaomi

Developer mode is created so that application, theme or widget developers can test and debug their creations on real devices, however for normal users, activating the developer options is useful to solve problems on the device by connecting it to a PC, to install a custom rom or install applications that cannot be found on Google Play.

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Pair headphones with Apple Watch

Step-by-step instructions and images to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to your Apple Watch and leave the iPhone at home when we go out to play sports. You can use your Apple Watch to listen to music or podcasts without having to carry your mobile phone with you.

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How to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone

We will offer you a detailed walkthrough on how to carry out this process step by step and with images, while we delve into the implications, advantages and disadvantages that it entails. Whether out of practical necessity or simple technological curiosity, we invite you to immerse yourself in this topic and gain a deeper knowledge about your Apple Watch and its relationship with the iPhone.

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How to update Apple Watch

With each advancement in the Apple universe, our devices become more sophisticated and offer new and exciting features. The Apple Watch is no exception. However, to fully enjoy these new features, it is essential to keep our device updated.

Here you will find detailed step-by-step instructions, with images and tips for downloading and updating your Apple Watch to the latest version of the software.

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Backup on Android for free

Your Android phone or tablet stores a lot of valuable information, from photos and contacts to apps and messages. Have you ever wondered how you can protect all this important data in case your device is lost or damaged? The answer is to back up your Android phone.

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Create an Instagram Reel

An Instagram Reel is a short video content format that can be created and shared on the Instagram platform.

Unlike stories, these videos do not disappear after 24 hours but remain like the publications until we decide to delete them.

You will learn how to record videos, apply effects, add music, and share your creations with your friends and followers on Instagram.

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Create a Instagram story

An Instagram story is a feature of the social network Instagram that allows users to share temporary photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. These stories are displayed at the top of the app and can be viewed by clicking on the user's thumbnail profile photo.

Throughout the following sections, we will guide you simply and step by step through the process of creating an Instagram Story. It doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner; With our instructions, you'll be sharing your own Stories in no time.

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Update WhatsApp on iPhone

In this article, we'll guide you through the update process, step by step, so you can keep your app up to date with confidence and knowledge. Additionally, we will delve into the reasons behind each update and what it can mean for you as a user.

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