How to fix 'You need the official WhatsApp to use this account'

How to fix 'You need the official WhatsApp to use this account'

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The message "You need official WhatsApp to use this account" usually appears when you are trying to use an unofficial version of WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, or other modified applications. WhatsApp detects these unofficial versions and restricts their use to protect user security and ensure that everyone complies with its terms of service.

If you see this message you will know that you have used an unofficial app and there is no choice but to use the official application.

If, despite using the official application downloaded from a reliable application store, the message "You need official WhatsApp to use this account" continues to appear, there are a series of steps that can help you solve it, we are going to describe them from the most simple to the most complex, it is possible that the first or second solution will solve your problem, if not, continue to the last solution that has worked for many people.

- Update WhatsApp from Google Play. This simple step may solve your problem, if not, go to the next.

Update WhatsApp on Android

- Uninstall WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business or any other unofficial version of WhatsApp from your phone.

- Download and install WhatsApp Business and verify your phone number with this version of WhatsApp.

- Contact WhatsApp support. Write in the browser: “contact WhatsApp support” and click on the first result that should appear.

Write your phone number, email and platform you use and write the following message:

Hello WhatsApp support I'm encountering the error message “You need the official WhatsApp to use this account”, despite using the official app from the authorized App Store, I have tried updating restarting and reinstalling the app without success please assist in resolving this issue promptly thank you.

It will take about 48 hours to respond.

- If all of the above does not work, it is possible that the phone number is not blocked but rather the mobile device itself, so you must remove the SIM card from the phone, put the SIM card in another phone, download WhatsApp and configure it using your phone number.

What to do if my device is blocked from using WhatsApp and I can't use another device?

In the event that WhatsApp has blocked the device but not the phone number, what we must do is clean the Google Play Store cache and factory restore the device to clean all traces of WhatsApp but remember to make a copy of security of your data and save or know the password of your Google account before restoring since it will ask you for it after formatting the device.

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