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How to reset or factory reset mobile devices

Here you will find instructions to erase your mobile device by doing a reset or factory reset with either the Android, iOS, iPadOS, KaiOS, Microsoft, Blackberry or Tizen operating system.

Step-by-step instructions for restoring a smartphone, smartwatch, activity bracelet, or tablet.

What is a factory reset?

A factory reset, also known as a factory restore or factory reboot, is a process by which all data on an electronic device is erased to return it to its original state, that is, to the state it was in when it left the factory. This process removes all customized settings, installed applications, and data saved by the user, leaving the operating system and software in their initial configuration.

It is commonly used to solve software problems, clean a device before selling or donating it, or simply to start over with a device that has become slow or problematic due to the accumulation of files and applications. It is important to note that performing a factory reset will lose all data that is not backed up, so it is advisable to make a backup of important information before proceeding.

Perform a factory reset on your device if you want to sell it, give it away, or send it for repair to prevent others from accessing your data and personal information.

A factory format will also allow you to remove the PIN, password, unlock pattern, and fingerprints from the mobile device. It is also useful to perform a factory reset if your memory is full, it freezes or crashes, and you want to format your phone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Always remember to make a backup on a computer, memory card, or cloud service so you do not lose your photos, chats, documents, music, etc.

Before performing the restoration, it is also important to know the password of the email and social network accounts on the device as they may be necessary to reconfigure them on a new device or on the same one after restoring.

Use the search engine or explore among the most popular devices. Thus, you will find detailed information on how to reset your mobile step by step, along with other utilities.

Error downloading do not turn off target

The message "Downloading... Do not turn off target" on an Android device indicates that the phone or tablet has entered "Download Mode." This is a special status primarily used to update the device firmware or perform diagnostics.

There are several ways to exit downloading mode without damaging the device and without having to pay for applications or PC software

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How to do a reset on a Chinese mobile

If you have a Chinese Android smartphone or a fake Android smartphone it is possible that when you try to reset or format the terminal you have found that the recovery menu is written in Chinese characters and there is no way to guess what each option means.

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Reset PS4

Restoring a PlayStation 4 is useful when you have problems such as crashes or system crashes, perhaps due to corrupted data or having shut down the console incorrectly, without waiting for it to be completely shut down. It is also necessary to perform a factory reset or reset when you want to sell, give away, loan or take your game console for repair. Follow this tutorial to soft reset your PS4.

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Reset PS3

If your PlayStation 3 has a full hard drive and you want to erase everything, you suffer from problems such as crashes or system failures, perhaps due to corrupted data or having turned off the console incorrectly, what you should do is a factory reset or soft reset.

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Forgot my password for Samsung A04. Now I want to access it

Valter - 09/05/2024 19:15

non riesco a fare un reset... perchè all'avvio mi chiede un pin di 4 cifre che non so ,credo che sia il pin delle sim non installate.

Michael - 30/04/2024 06:28

Thank you for getting back t me so fast.
I have a Panasonic Tablet with me. Forgot password and not able log in again.

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What if i cant turn ny tablet off to start the process and also i have no screen lock on my tablet. What should i Suu

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I have a Maxwest Astro 10 R and when I try to power it up it it will only show the Maxwest screen for one second and then it shuts down. What steps can I take to power it up and use it?

Edward - 02/04/2024 05:14

I forgot my password and I'm trying to follow reset tips but they never work,instead it keeps on taking me back to the same "Password required after device restarts screen,"and all my attempts to put in the right password have failed.What do I do?

Teboho - 28/03/2024 08:44

When I open the Phone it's just write No command

Elizabeth - 18/03/2024 11:36

Hardware reset for tecno camon 11