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How to view IMEI code on mobile devices

Here you will find instructions to display the IMEI code on your mobile device with the Android, iOS, Microsoft, Blackberry, KaiOS or Tizen operating system.
Use the search engine or browse through the devices most sought after by users, you will find information on how to view the IMEI of your mobile step-by-step and utilities.

The IMEI code is one of the unique codes that identifies your terminal whether it is a phone, smartphone, tablet or smartwatch as long as it has a SIM card.

If you need to release your terminal to be used with any telephone company you will need to know its IMEI number, in the case of devices with two SIM cards you will have two IMEI numbers.

It is also important to have the IMEI code of our device written down so that in the event that we suffer a theft or loss we can provide the IMEI code of the terminal for reporting to the police, insurance procedures and communication to the telephone company to disable that device and cannot be used by another person.

Risks and warnings of changing the IMEI

If your IMEI is blocked or has been reported incorrectly, your device has a strange IMEI code or appears null, there are several ways to solve it, read on and discover the available possibilities and the possible risks associated with changing the IMEI.

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