How to do a reset on a Chinese mobile

How to do a reset on a Chinese mobile

If you have a Chinese Android smartphone or a fake Android smartphone it is possible that when you try to reset or format the terminal you have found that the recovery menu is written in Chinese characters and there is no way to guess what each option means.

Here we will show you what is meant by each option of the recovery menu, first you must turn off your device and enter the recovery mode, normally it is done by pressing the volume down and power on buttons at the same time, if it does not work use the screen saver .is listed above to find your terminal and see how to enter the recovery mode or reset mode.

The correct option of the Chinese menu to do a factory reset or a “Wipe Data Factory Reset” is the one ending in “MMC” or “eMMC” uses the volume up and volume down keys to go to this option or use the screen Touch if it is available on your phone or cell phone and press the power key to access this option.

Here we show you the translation of menu items in Chinese to English:

-动测试 (Dynamic test)

-单项测试 (Single test)

-测试报告 (Testing report)

-调试测试项 (Debug test)

-清除闪存 (Clear flash)

-版本信息 (Version Information)

-重启手机 (Restart cellphone)

A screen with many NO`s and only one “YES” (obviously in Chinese) will appear, with the volume keys go to the YES which will be the only different option and press with the power key to confirm.

After finishing the formatting, one more time with the volume keys, click on “reboot system now” which is the last option of the Chinese menu, which is lower and press the power key.

The device will reboot and take several minutes to start while restoring the device to its factory state and optimizes the pre-installed applications in the Android system.

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