The phone restarts and does not enter recovery mode

The phone restarts and does not enter recovery mode

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Phone keeps rebooting when trying to enter recovery mode

You need to perform a factory restore of your mobile phone or tablet and you have tried all the methods that appear on the internet and you have not been able to enter the Android recovery menu, it seems to be a fairly common problem in the most recent models, but worry here you can find the ultimate solution.

If pressing the power button and the volume up button at the same time while turning on the phone or tablet does not enter the recovery mode but restarts again and you cannot access the menu to do a wipe / factory reset, you must perform the same procedure by connecting the device with the original cable to a computer.

Although it seems like a joke, it works, when you connect the device to the computer via a cable and receive power, it seems that it enters restore mode and allows you to enter the menu to restore the factory.

IMPORTANT: A factory reset or "hard reset" erases all phone content including photos, videos, contacts, installed applications, conversations, etc. It must be done with at least 50% battery and, if possible, connected to the power.

A factory reset or format of a device must be performed being aware that all content will be erased including the memory card, so a backup must be made in a cloud service or computer, a failure during the restoration can render your device unusable so it must be done at your own risk.

On modern devices, if the device has an unlock password or pattern, the same unlock code may be requested once the device has been formatted to prevent a criminal from using the device if it has been stolen.

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Questions and answers from users about "The phone does not enter recovery mode"

1 questions asked by users.

Katherine - 23/03/2024 05:58

i did a factory reset on my cloud phone fallowed the instructions all went well thank you. now my phone says fastboost mode my question is how long should that take its been a few minutes

Juan - 25/03/2024 12:48

Hi, Katherine, to exit fastboot mode, see these instructions:

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