Android safe mode, everything you need to know

Android safe mode, everything you need to know

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What is Android "safe mode"?

Safe mode is a working mode of Android devices in which applications downloaded and installed by the user are disabled, only a limited number of system applications can work under this safe mode.

The objective of safe mode is to solve problems that may be causing downloaded applications, it is a very simple and useful method to find out if any application installed on your phone or tablet is causing errors in the system, as well as to be able to detect possible viruses.

Activating safe mode will also delete the widgets you have on the screen, you can take a screenshot before entering safe mode to later put the same widgets back where they were.

If after using the safe mode you verify that the device works normally, you can return to normal mode and uninstall the applications that you have recently installed to check if any of them are causing the problems.

Before you activate or deactivate the safe mode, you should know that you will need the PIN of the SIM card and the unlock code or pattern since the device will restart.

How to activate safe mode on Android

To activate safe mode on an Android tablet simply hold down the power button until the following screen appears with power off, restart and emergency mode options.

Power off Android

Press and hold the "Power off" icon, a message will appear asking for confirmation to start the device in safe mode, press "OK".

Reboot to safe mode Android

The device will reboot and enter safe mode.

How to disable safe mode on Android

It happens frequently to users of Android devices that suddenly, without knowing how, their phone appears in “safe mode” and they do not know how it happened.

Most likely, the device either rebooted itself or while in a pocket or bag the power button was pressed and it rebooted into safe mode without the owner noticing.

It can also happen that you have accessed the safe mode by mistake and you have pressed the accept button without reading the notice that the device is going to restart in safe mode.

Deactivating safe mode is very simple, press and hold the device's power button, once the screen appears with the options to shutdown, restart and emergency mode. Click on restart.

Restart Android

The device will reboot and will have exited safe mode, when you return to normal mode you will have to deactivate airplane mode to be able to use mobile connections again.

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