My WhatsApp account has been suspended

My WhatsApp account has been suspended

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WhatsApp, with more than two billion users around the world, has become an indispensable tool for personal and business communication. Its ease of use, end-to-end encryption, and free service make it the preferred choice for many. However, not all users know the platform's policies and the consequences of violating them.

This blog post aims to shed light on why WhatsApp may suspend an account, how to resolve such issues, and preventive measures to avoid future bans.

Reasons why a WhatsApp account can be suspended:

The most common reason, although little known by users, is changing the phone number between different devices. That is, if a phone number has been configured on a new mobile phone several times in a very short time, WhatsApp considers this act as suspicious and, for security reasons, prevents it from being configured again on another device, even if the user is the rightful owner of both the phone number and the device.

Theft of WhatsApp accounts:

Lately the theft of WhatsApp accounts is very common. The thieves send a message on WhatsApp posing as someone they know. They inform you that they are using another phone number because they have lost their device or something similar. During the conversation, they mention that you will receive an SMS and request that you send them the code contained in it. By sending them the code received by SMS, you will allow them to set up your WhatsApp account on their device, accessing your contacts and possibly blackmailing you to recover your account.

How to protect yourself from WhatsApp account theft:

WhatsApp introduced two-step verification a few years ago as an additional method of account protection. This process involves a PIN code that only you should know and should never share. To help you remember your PIN, WhatsApp will occasionally ask you to enter it when accessing your chats. Don't be alarmed if they ask for your PIN; This does not indicate an attempted theft of your account, but rather serves as a reminder so that you do not forget the code.

What to do if your WhatsApp account has already been stolen:

If your WhatsApp number has been stolen and your contacts report it, the account will be temporarily suspended. During this suspension, neither the thief nor you will be able to access the contacts, which prevents further theft and blackmail. However, you won't be able to recover your account quickly. The repeated attempt to request the code by SMS in a short time prevents immediate verification, leaving you only the option of waiting and contacting WhatsApp to recover your account. WhatsApp customer support can be slow or even unresponsive, given the large number of daily requests they receive, forcing you to wait between 3 and 15 days for the account suspension to be lifted.

Other reasons for suspension:

An account may also be suspended for sending spam, making threats, attempting fraud, or violating WhatsApp's terms of service. In these cases, the suspension may be definitive, with no possibility of account recovery.

Use of unofficial applications: if you have used any other unofficial application such as “WhatsApp Plus” or “Gb WhatsApp” they can suspend your account and you run the risk of never being able to recover it, WhatsApp has methods to know if a user uses unofficial applications and since it violates their conditions of use, you can ban a phone number so that it cannot be used again.

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Iorger - 11/04/2024 23:56

Anytime if I login to show me my WhatsApp number has been banned I should go to WhatsApp office and

Juan - 17/04/2024 12:35

Hi Lorger, if your WhatsApp account has been banned, check this article to see the reasons and possible solutions:

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