Alternatives to Google Play

Alternatives to Google Play

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Alternatives to Google Play and how to install applications

There are many alternatives to Google Play to be able to download apps to your Android device safely.

Whether you have a Huawei device after September 2019 without Google Play and Google services or if you have decided to root your device and want to do without the Google application store or if you have an Amazon tablet you can install applications for Android from these other alternative stores.

How to install apps or app stores?

First of all you must activate developer mode, if you do not have it activated follow this link to see the complete step-by-step instructions and return to this tutorial when you have done so.

Once developer mode is activated, you must enable the installation of applications from “unknown sources”, that is, applications or application stores that are not supervised by Google.To do this go to the device settings, it is the gear wheel icon, search for “Security” or “Applications”.

Look for the option to enable unknown sources and activate it.

On Huawei devices you must search for “Security and privacy” → “Install unknown applications” once there you must click on the Internet browser that you usually use for example Firefox or “Huawei browser” and activate “Allow application downloads”. Then you must do the same with “Files” to allow the file system to install applications. Use that browser that you have granted permission to download the .apk files from the app stores shown below.

From now on you will be able to install .apk files that you have downloaded, but be careful, we recommend that you only install .apk files from well-known and reputable app stores such as those detailed below, and we also recommend that once you have installed the apps you should return to withdraw access to install applications to the browser and file system for security.

Alternative app stores

Find out about all the alternative app stores and the advantages by reading the full article before deciding on one.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is possibly the second app store in popularity after Google Play and gives the assurance of belonging to a giant like Amazon, it is the default app store for Kindle devices that also works with the Android operating system although with its own modifications made by Amazon.

To download the Amazon app store you must visit the following website from your mobile device:


Uptodown is a web page where you can download all the applications available on Google Play and many more that may not be available in the Google store. If you want to download Google applications such as YouTube or Gmail but you cannot have Google Play or you do not want to go through the Google store, you can download them from Uptodown with full security as they perform security checks on all apps uploaded to this website.

Uptodown does not provide an installer so you will have to download the apps from its website, the advantage of this is that you can save space on your device by not installing any app store.


Huawei AppGallery

The new Huawei devices do not have access to Google Play due to the disputes between the US and China that have led to Huawei's impediment to selling its terminals with Google Play and Google apps pre-installed on their devices. This does not mean that you cannot use Google, YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts and the rest of Google apps on your Huawei, you can download and install them and continue using them as always, they have only made it a little more complicated for us to install them.

To download Huawei AppGallery click on the following link:


Aptoide is an application store for Android born in Portugal, it is one of the best known and is already integrated into devices of small brands of Android phones, tablets and televisions.

Aptoide offers the possibility of having an installer for your device that you can access and use as the Google store or if you do not want to have another installer or take up more space on your terminal, you can download the apk files directly from its website.

Aptoide passes a virus, malware and malicious attack scanner to all the apps in its store, so they are totally safe and have user ratings.



Apkpure is a website that has been since 2014 one of the leading alternative stores for Android applications.

In addition to applications, it also has themes for Android.It has its own installer from which to search for applications, or you can download directly from its website.



Softonic is a website worldwide known for being one of the first websites to download programs for Windows safely and free of charge, it has been running since 1997 and for a few years now it also allows the download of applications for Android following the same philosophy of offering safe downloads and applications verified.

Softonic offers the download of the applications directly from its website, so you do not need an installer.


Aurora Store

Aurora Store is an unofficial open source application from which to download the same applications hosted on Google Play, which guarantees its security but without providing data to Google or using a Google account to download the applications themselves.

It also allows you to choose another geographic region to download applications that are not available in your country.

The disadvantage compared to other application stores is that it is necessary to download and install its installer, it is not possible to search for and download the applications from its website.

Website and download: Currently not available.

How to download Google Play if it is not installed on my device?

You can have Google Play if your device (for example the new Huawei devices) does not have it installed by default or if you have decided to root and install an Android ROM.For this, for example, you can download the apk from Google Play from:

Uptodown from the following link: Download from Uptodown

From Aptoide from the following link: Download from Aptoide

From Softonic from the following link:

Download from Softonic

From Apkpure:

Download from Apkpure

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