Developer mode on Samsung

Developer mode on Samsung

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The "Developer Mode" on Samsung devices, like other Android devices, is a feature designed for application developers and advanced users. Offers additional options and settings that are not available in the standard settings menu. Some of its functions include:

USB Debugging: Allows the device to communicate with a computer for application development and debugging.

Animation speed: You can increase or decrease the speed of system animations to test application performance.

Show touches and pointer position: Useful for developers who need to see exactly how touches are registered on the screen.

Limit background processes: Controls the number of processes that can run simultaneously in the background.

GPU performance mode: Allows you to see how graphics are rendered on the screen, useful for developing games and graphic applications.

Install applications downloaded from sources other than the Google Play or Galaxy Store application store.

It is important to remember that some of these options may affect the performance of the device or its normal operation, so it is recommended to use them only if you know what you are doing.

Estimated time: 3 minutes.

Step 1:

To begin, we must open the phone or tablet settings. This is done by tapping the cog icon, usually located on the home screen, as shown in the image.

If you can't find the icon on the home screen, swipe right to left to navigate through the different screens. You can also swipe up to see all apps. Once you locate the settings icon, tap it to open it.

Samsung Settings

Step 2:

Go down through the settings of your Samsung device to the bottom until you find the section called "About phone" and press to access.

About Samsung phone

Step 3:

Once inside the “About phone” section we will first see the data such as phone number, serial number, IMEI and below some buttons, click on the “Software information” button.

Samsung Software Information

Step 4:

Within the "Software information" section, locate the "Build number" section.

Samsung Build Number

Step 5:

To activate developer options, click 'Build number' 7 times in a row. You'll see a counter showing how many remaining keystrokes are needed with each tap.

Press to activate developer mode on Samsung

Step 6:

By pressing each time, the message will appear indicating that the developer options have been activated successfully.

Developer mode activated on Samsung

Step 7:

Go back to the device settings and go all the way down, under “About phone” we will now see a new section called “Developer options”. Click on this section to check the settings for developers.

Samsung Developer Options

Step 8:

Once inside the Developer Options you will see that the developer options are activated and all the options that we can activate or deactivate will appear.

Samsung Developer Options activated

You can deactivate the developer options again to avoid security problems or system failures, after deactivating them you may need to restart the device.

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