Change Google account after reset

Change Google account after reset

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If you have forgotten your Google Account password associated with a mobile device or have purchased a second-hand phone or tablet whose previous owner did not remove the FRP lock before resetting it, and you cannot contact them to unlock it, there is a method to associate the device with a new Google account.

It is important to note that this method will delete all content on the device, as well as all associated accounts, which implies the loss of access to the previously configured Google account, as well as photos, videos, messages and applications installed.

This is a somewhat laborious process that requires some basic knowledge about using Android devices, but if you follow each step carefully, you will be able to carry it out.

Remember that this method should only be used if you are the legitimate owner of the device and you take responsibility for your actions. We are not responsible for illegitimate use or possible damage caused to the device. We also have no relationship with the apps or websites mentioned below. This help article has been created solely for the purpose of assisting users who cannot recover their Google account after trying all available methods.

If you know the Google email associated with the device and have access to the recovery phone number, you can request a new password instead of following this method.

I have forgotten my password, unlock pattern or pin

You will need:

Estimated time: 15 minutes.

Step 1:

Insert the SIM card into the phone you need to unlock, remember that you must know the number of that SIM card.

Step 2:

Turn on your phone and press “Start” to begin setup.

Step 3:

The message appears indicating that there has been an unauthorized attempt to reset the device to its factory settings. Press “OK”.

Step 4:

Connect the device to a Wi-Fi network, if you don't have one available you can create an access point from your other Android phone.
When you have connected the phone to Wi-Fi, go back using the back button.

Step 5:

From the other phone, open the internet browser, for example Chrome.

Step 6:

Type “HushSMS nckreader”, press search and click on the first result that appears.
HushSMS is an application that is used to send certain types of SMS messages, in this case we will use it to send a WAP message to the locked device.

Step 7:

When you open the page, click on “Hush SMS”, a file will be downloaded. Avoid advertising links.

Step 8:

Once downloaded, open the file and press “Install”. You can find the file by clicking on the “Downloads” section of your browser or from the files application on your phone in the “Downloads” folder.
If you have not granted permissions to install applications from unknown sources, you must do so before continuing.

Step 9:

When the installation is complete, press “Open”, read the warnings and press accept to close the windows.

Step 10:

Click on the “WAP PUSH SL” button.

HushSMS App

Step 11:

Enter the phone number of the SIM card you entered on the locked phone, including the country code.

Recicipent phone number

Step 12:

In the “Message” section write “” and press the “Send WAP Push SL” button.

Send Wap HushSMS message

Step 13:

Return to the locked device, you will receive a message displayed on the screen, click on the “OK” button.

Step 14:

Youtube will open, click on the account icon.

Youtube account icon

Step 15:

Click on “Terms of service and privacy policy”, click accept and continue and next, if it asks to log in click on “No thanks”.

Step 16:

The internet browser will open, type “gam 6.1 apk” in the address bar to search Google or your favorite search engine for the apk file we will need. Click on one of the first options, which can be APKPure or APKMirror, and download the file.
This file is “Google account manager”, that is, the Google account manager.

Step 17:

Tap “OK” when it asks for permission to save a file to the device's internal storage and tap “Allow,” then tap “Download.” If a confirmation window appears, click accept.

Step 18:

Press install, once installed press the back button.

Step 19:

Write again in the browser bar: "QUICKSHORTCUTMAKER" and download the apk file from one of the first pages that appear.

Step 20:

Once downloaded, click on “Open” and “Install”, when you finish installing press “Open”.

Step 21:

Once the application has been opened, search for “Google Account Manager” and click to access this section.

Step 22:

Among all the available options, click on the one that has “Enter your email and password”. Then click on "Try"

Step 23:

Click on the three dots at the top and “Log in to the browser”. Press "OK."

Step 24:

Enter the new email account you want to use on this device. Press next and type the password. Press “Sign in”.

Step 25:

Restart the device by holding down the power button.

Step 26:

When it restarts, start the device configuration, connect to the Wi-Fi network and enter the email account and password that we used in the previous steps.

Step 27:

Once all this is done, it is recommended to delete the applications that were downloaded or reset the device from the settings, as it is already associated with our new Google account we will not have problems when starting it again.

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