Sign out of WhatsApp on all devices

Sign out of WhatsApp on all devices

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Do you suspect that your WhatsApp messages are being read?

If you have logged in with your WhatsApp account on a computer, either using the Windows application or the web version you must know how to log out since anyone else who uses That computer can access your chats and messages without needing to know your password or two-factor code.

Whether you have accessed your WhatsApp through a computer in a library, an Internet cafe or any other shared computer, you are exposing your private information if you do not log out.

Once you have accessed WhatsApp from a computer, the session remains open and months may have passed since the last time you used it on that computer, but the session will remain open and anyone else who uses that computer will not only be able to see but write using your WhatsApp account.

You only need your mobile phone to see all paired devices, so you can unpair these devices without needing to access them.

Perhaps you have ever wondered how to log out of the WhatsApp application for Windows, because unfortunately there is no button to log out from your computer, you must do it from your mobile phone.

Keep reading to see step by step how to log out of WhatsApp on all the devices on which you have logged in and you may be surprised to see that your WhatsApp account is accessible from computers that you have not used for months.

Why is it important to log out?

Privacy: Your WhatsApp chats may contain personal or sensitive information. Leaving a session open on a device that you do not fully control could expose this information.

Security: If someone gains access to your WhatsApp session, they could send messages on your behalf, which could lead to misunderstandings or even fraud.

Control: Maintaining control over where and how your account is accessed is essential to managing your digital presence securely.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

Step 1:

Obviously, the first thing we should do is open the WhatsApp application.

It is normally located on the main screen, if you can't find it, swipe to the left to see the other windows on the home screen.

If you can't find it, swipe up to open the list of all installed applications.

WhatsApp application

Step 2:

Once the WhatsApp application is open on your device, we are going to access the settings. If your device is Android, you will see a three-dot button at the top right of the screen. In the case of iPhone, the “Settings” button appears at the bottom right of the screen.

Open WhatsApp settings on Android or iPhone

Step 3:

When you open the configuration menu, several sections will appear. Click on “Linked devices” to see all the devices where you have your WhatsApp open.

WhatsApp linked devices

Step 4:

Here we will see all the devices linked to our WhatsApp account, the type of device will appear, whether it is Windows, Mac, Web or Android. Tap the device name to view the details of this connection and log out remotely.

Device linked on WhatsApp

Step 5:

In the device status we can see more details such as the location of the linked device and the date of the last connection.

Click on “Log out” to unlink this device; once unlinked, messages or any information will not be able to be seen from that device.

Sign out of WhatsApp on a linked device

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