Delete Instagram account

Delete Instagram account

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There are many reasons for wanting to delete your Instagram account, from wanting to disconnect from social networks, due to lack of use, for privacy or even because your account has been hacked and even if you change the password, they access it again without you knowing how it happened (you happened to an acquaintance).

Instagram belongs to the company Meta, previously called Facebook, and as has always happened on Facebook and other social networks, the option to completely delete our account and all our data is quite complicated, they have always hidden the delete account section after a lot of steps. , I suppose with the aim of preventing us from carrying it out and losing a user.

To delete the Instagram account from our mobile phone, whether with the Android operating system or an iPhone, we will need to have an internet connection and the Instagram application installed.

In addition to deleting the Instagram account, if you have a linked Facebook account you can also delete it by following these steps, but in any case you can choose if you want to keep it since they are independent.

Estimated time: 6 minutes.

Step 1:

First of all, to delete the Instagram account we must open the application.

The Instagram application icon should appear on the home screen, if you can't find it, slide your finger across the home screen to the right to see the different home desktops.

On Android devices, if it does not appear on the desktop, swipe up from the middle of the screen to display the complete list of installed applications.

If we do not have it installed, we can install it from the application store, see the following tutorial to do so.

Delete Instagram account Step 1

Step 2:

At the bottom right of the screen the “Account” icon will appear; on Android it has our profile photo and on iPhone it is the symbol of a person surrounded by a circle.

Click on this icon to access.

Delete Instagram account Step 2

Step 3:

In the upper right part of the screen there is an icon with three horizontal lines, press to display the Instagram application settings.

Instagram account settings

Step 4:

The first option you will see when the Instagram settings menu appears is “Settings and privacy”, click on this option to continue.

Instagram Settings and privacy

Step 5:

Within “Settings and privacy”, the first option you will see is “Account Center”.

From this section we can configure the aspects of our Instagram account and delete our account, click to continue.

Instagram Account Center

Step 6:

Within the “Account Center” section, a section called “Account Settings” appears again and “Personal details” appears within it, click to access these settings.

Instagram Personal details

Step 7:

In the “Personal details” section we will see a section called “Account ownership and control”, from here we can delete or deactivate our Instagram account.

instagram Account ownership and control

Step 8:

As you have seen, it is not easy to find the section to delete the Instagram account, they make it difficult for us so that we do not find it.

Click on “Deactivation or deletion”.

Instagram deactivation or deletion

Step 9:

If you have several Instagram accounts or an associated Facebook account, they will all appear here, click on the account you want to delete or deactivate.

Choose account to delete Instagram

Step 10:

In this last step they give us the possibility of temporarily deactivating the account, Instagram will try by all means to ensure that we do not delete our data from its social network.

If you are convinced of deleting your account and all its data, select “Delete account” and press the “Continue” button.

Delete Instagram account

It is possible that after these steps it will request a final confirmation, once the Instagram account has been deleted we can delete the application.

Tell us about your experience and any possible problems you have had following this tutorial.

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