How to see my phone number

How to see my phone number

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Knowing how to verify your own phone number on your smartphone can be useful in several situations, from setting up applications like WhatsApp or Telegram to filling out forms or simply sharing it with friends when it is a new phone number or it is a prepaid card.

Although it seems simple, many users don't know how to find this essential information on their devices without resorting to making a call to another phone or consulting their phone company. Here we show you several methods to discover your phone number on different operating systems.

How to see my phone number on iPhone

On devices with the bitten apple logo, it is very simple and quick to find out the phone number of the SIM card inserted in the phone. Just open the settings, scroll down to the "Phone" section, tap to access it, and you will see the "My Number" section.

How to see my phone number on iPhone

How to see my phone number on Xiaomi phones

In Xiaomi mobile phones, knowing the phone number of the SIM card inserted inside requires a few more steps than in devices from other brands.

1- You must open the settings, It is the icon of a gear wheel, usually in gray, and then click on “About phone”.

About phone Xiaomi

2- Click on “Detailed info and specs”.

Detailed info and specs Xiaomi

3- Scroll down to the bottom and you will find the “Status” section, click to access.

Status Xiaomi phones

4- Here we will see the phone number of each of the SIM cards and other device data.

How to see my phone number on Xiaomi phone

How to see my phone number on a Samsung

On Samsung phones, to know our phone number we will simply have to open the phone settings, go down to the bottom where we will see the “About the phone” section, press to access and we will see the “Phone number” section next to the Other information on the SIM card such as the IMEI number and device data such as the serial number and model name.

How to see my phone number on a Samsung

How to see my phone number on other Android devices

In mobile phones with the pure Android operating system such as Motorola, Google, Nokia, Sony, Alcatel, Tecno, Realme or vivo devices among many other brands, knowing the phone number of the SIM card is also very simple and fast , only a few steps are necessary.

Access the device settings, it is a gear icon, usually in gray, scroll down to the bottom until you find the “About Phone” section.

About phone Android

Once in the “Phone information” section we will see a section called “Status” or “SIM card status”, click to access.

SIM card status Android

If our device allows the use of more than one SIM card we will see two sections, one for each SIM card which in turn will have its own telephone number.

SIM card status Android

Click on the SIM card you want to consult and you will see the phone number that corresponds to that SIM card as well as other information such as the network, signal strength, type of voice network, type of mobile data network, etc.

Phone number on Android

How to see my phone number on a non-smart or basic phone

To view your phone number on a phone that is not a smartphone, also known as a feature phone, you can follow several methods. These devices do not have advanced operating systems like Android or iOS, but they still offer easy ways to access this information:

- Use the phone menu function:

Most feature phones have an option in their menu to view the SIM card number. Here are the general steps, although they may vary slightly depending on your phone model:

1- Open the Menu from the main screen.

2- Find and select "Settings" or "Configurations" (the name may vary depending on the phone).

3- Look for an option that says "Phone," "Phone Settings," or "Device."

4- Select "Device Information," "Status," or "My Number Information" (name may vary).

5- Here you should be able to see your phone number listed.

- Use a USSD code:

Some carriers allow users to dial a USSD code to obtain information about their account, including phone number. A common code is `*#100#` or `*#99#`, but this can vary depending on the operator. Simply dial the code and press the call key, and your number should appear on the screen.

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