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How to change language on mobile devices

Here you will find instructions to change and add a language to a mobile device with either the Android, iPadOS or iOS operating system.
Use the search engine or navigate through the devices most wanted by users, you will find information on how to change the language of your mobile or tablet and its keyboard step-by-step.

Whether because you have bought a new phone abroad, because you have bought it second-hand, because you are learning a new language, or you simply want to experiment, this tutorial will guide you step by step so that you can personalize your mobile device in the language of your choice. We'll cover different operating systems, including Android and iOS, and provide you with helpful tips to make sure the process is as simple and efficient as possible.

By changing the language of the device, we will also change the language of the autocorrect and keyboard. On both Android devices and iPhone and iPad, it is possible to have multiple languages installed. This allows you to quickly switch between different language keyboards, which is useful when having conversations in multiple languages. Each language has its own characters and specific autocorrect or autocomplete suggestions.