How to update Samsung

How to update Samsung

Keeping your Samsung mobile or tablet updated is very important to avoid security problems and improve privacy, Samsung receives in advance the updates that Google makes on the Android operating system and makes the necessary modifications on its personalization layer called ONE UI.
In addition to adapting the customization layer, Samsung also has to adapt the drivers of its components (cameras, microphone, speakers, screen, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, etc.) and update the applications included in the operating system by the company.
In addition to receiving security improvements, updates usually bring performance improvements, usability improvements and new functions or, depending on the case, the elimination of some previously available functions.
We will show you below in a few simple steps how to keep your Samsung device updated and enjoy all these advantages.

Estimated time: 15 minutes.

Step 1 First we go to the settings of the Samsung device, it is the gear icon that you will find on the home screen or by sliding your finger from the bottom up. How to update Samsung Step 1

Step 2 We go down through the phone or tablet settings until we find the "Software update" section, click to continue. How to update Samsung Step 2

Step 3 Click on the first section that will appear called "Download and install". How to update Samsung Step 3

Step 4 The system will check if there are updates available to download or install on your Samsung device. How to update Samsung Step 4

Step 5 If there is an update available for your Samsung smartphone, a list of the news included in the update and the "Download" button will appear at the bottom of the screen. We recommend connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network since the updates can currently occupy more than 1 GB so we will avoid scares on the bill or run out of Gigabytes available in our data rate. How to update Samsung Step 5

Step 6 The download of the update will begin and may take several minutes, you can continue using your Samsung normally in the meantime or lock the screen to avoid wasting battery. How to update Samsung Step 6

Step 7 Once the update download has been completed, a notification will appear, we can click on the notification or follow the previous steps to reach the "Software update" section to proceed with the update installation. connected the phone to the charger to avoid running out of battery in the middle of the process. Click on "Install now" to proceed with the installation. How to update Samsung Step 7

Step 8 Your Samsung phone or tablet will turn off and the software update will begin which may take several minutes, the update progress will be displayed on a blue screen in the meantime, we wait for it to complete. Once finished, it will turn on again and ask for the PIN code, unlock pattern and SIM card PIN. How to update Samsung Step 8

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