Instructions for changing the language on E-Boda devices

How to change the menu and keyboard language to E-Boda devices step by step with images and video, instructions to add and change language to E-Boda brand mobile phones and tablets. Search your device among the wide range of E-Boda available.

E-Boda Eclipse G400M E-Boda Eclipse G400M
E-Boda V200 E-Boda V200
E-Boda Eclipse G500M E-Boda Eclipse G500M
E-Boda V40 E-Boda V40
E-Boda Sunny V410Q E-Boda Sunny V410Q
E-Boda Sunny V36 E-Boda Sunny V36
E-Boda Storm V520 E-Boda Storm V520
E-Boda Eclipse G500 E-Boda Eclipse G500
E-Boda Storm V50 E-Boda Storm V50
E-Boda Sunny V38 E-Boda Sunny V38
E-Boda Rainbow V45 E-Boda Rainbow V45
E-Boda Storm X450 II E-Boda Storm X450 II
E-Boda Storm V500 E-Boda Storm V500
E-Boda Storm X450 E-Boda Storm X450
E-Boda Sunny V35 E-Boda Sunny V35
E-Boda Storm V510 E-Boda Storm V510
E-Boda Sunny V410 E-Boda Sunny V410
E-Boda Storm V100 E-Boda Storm V100
E-Boda Eclipse G500HD E-Boda Eclipse G500HD
E-Boda Rainbow V47 E-Boda Rainbow V47