List of devices with 32 GB of internal memory

Internal memory is the memory where all the data of the mobile device is stored, the operating system, applications, photos, videos, music, chats, are stored in this memory so it is important to know if the device we are going to buy has of enough storage space for our needs.

The internal memory in mobile devices is equivalent to the hard drive in computers.

32GB of internal memory can be considered a small amount for a device today and will be obsolete in no time.

Even with the attempts of the developers of operating systems and applications to try to reduce the space they occupy, the trend is that they are increasingly heavy and therefore with 32 GB we will not be able to have many applications installed or many photos, chats or videos.

Currently this is the minimum amount of internal memory that Google recommends for manufacturers who want to use Android, so it is possible, we recommend opting for a device with at least 64 GB of storage, which is the next available step.

Infinix Smart 4 Plus Infinix Smart 4 Plus 32 GB 3 GB 6.82"
itel P38 itel P38 32 GB 2 GB 6.6"
Sky-Devices Elite F55 Sky-Devices	 Elite F55 32 GB 1 GB 5.45″
Hyundai e603 Hyundai e603 32 GB 1 GB 5,99″
Philco Hit P8 Philco Hit P8 32 GB 3 GB 6.08
Sky-Devices ELITE OCTAMAX Sky-Devices ELITE OCTAMAX 32 GB 3 GB 8"
HiSense e50 lite HiSense e50 lite 32 GB 3 GB 6.52"
LG K31 Rebel LG K31 Rebel 32 GB 2 GB 5.7"
Lanix Ilium PAD RX10 V4 Lanix Ilium PAD RX10 V4 32 GB 2 GB 9.7”
Lanix Alpha 1V Lanix Alpha 1V 32 GB 2 GB 6,52“
Lanix X860 Lanix X860 32 GB 2 GB 6.1"
Lanix X560 Lanix X560 32 GB 1 GB 5"
Lanix X770 Lanix X770 32 GB 1 GB 5.7"
Lanix ILIUM M7T Lanix ILIUM M7T 32 GB 1 GB 6"
Lanix X550 Lanix X550 32 GB 1 GB 5"
Lanix X750 Lanix X750 32 GB 1 GB 5.7"
Maxwest Nitro 8 Maxwest Nitro 8 32 GB 3 GB 8"
Maxwest Astro 8q Maxwest Astro 8q 32 GB 2 GB 8"
Maxwest Astro 6r Maxwest Astro 6r 32 GB 4 GB 6.0"
Maxwest Gravity 6p Maxwest Gravity 6p 32 GB 4 GB 6.1"