Emergency calls on Apple Watch 42mm

It is important to have activated and configured both the medical data and the SOS emergency calls on your Apple Watch 42mm since we never know when we are going to need it and it may be too late to make this configuration when it is necessary.

You will be able to make emergency calls to a contact without having to unlock the Apple Watch 42mm, even without having to take it out of your pocket by pressing a defined button a series of times.

Depending on the country and as long as you have a SIM card, you can define if you want your Watch 42mm to make an automatic call to the emergency services.

Follow the steps below to also add medical data to your Watch 42mm, in the event of an accident, the emergency services will be able to see data such as blood group, allergies, weight, organ donation and contact persons without accessing the rest of the content of the telephone.

The Apple Watch 42mm also has a fall sensor, very useful when doing sports, since it will detect falls and in the event that the owner of the watch does not respond after a fall, it will make an automatic call to the emergency services sending location.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

Table of Contents:

Configure emergency calls on Apple Watch 42mm

It is only possible to configure emergency calls for devices with a SIM or eSIM card since they make use of the call service through the GSM network or, failing that, it must be connected to a Wi-Fi network or via Bluetooth to another device that has a GSM connection or to the Internet.

1- First step:

We start with the configuration of automatic call, fall detection and emergency contacts by unlocking the Apple Watch 42mm by pressing the digital crown.

Digital Crown Apple Watch

2- Second step:

When pressing the digital crown, the Apple Watch 42mm application menu will appear, we look for the settings icon, it is the gray icon with a gear inside. Click on the icon to access.

Settings Apple Watch

3- Third step:

We go down through the Apple Watch 42mm settings until we find the section called “SOS”, press to access the SOS emergency settings.

SOS Settings Apple Watch

4- Fourth step:

We will see a section called “Keep the side button pressed” we click on this section and activate it to activate the emergency call by holding down the side button of the Apple Watch 42mm.

Activate emergency call Apple Watch

5- Fifth step:

There is another feature called “Fall Detection”. If you want the Apple Watch 42mm to automatically detect the falls suffered by the owner of the watch, for example when riding a bicycle, if you have a fall and become unconscious, the watch will automatically call the emergency services. This function is also very useful for the elderly, although it should not replace devices specially created for the elderly.

Turn on Apple Watch fall detection

6- Sixth step:

We went further down through the SOS settings of the Apple Watch 42mm until we found the section called “Medical data”. Press to access and start defining the medical data and emergency contacts.

Medical data Apple Watch

7- Seventh step:

We go down until we find the “Edit medical data” section, press to access.

Edit medical data Apple Watch

8- Eighth step:

From here we can add the medical data, although it is much more comfortable to do it from our iPhone. We look for the section “Add emergency contact” and click on its icon to access.

Add Apple Watch Emergency Contacts

9- Ninth step:

We choose one or more of the contacts synchronized with our phone, or we can add a new contact from this section. Once finished, click on “OK” in the upper right part of the Apple Watch 42mm screen. We have already configured the emergency calls, contacts and medical data.

Apple Watch Emergency Contacts

Make SOS call

1- First step:

To make an emergency call from Apple Watch 42mm, press and hold the Side button for a few seconds.

2- Second step:

Three options will appear: Power off, Medical data and Emergency SOS. Slide the red circle from the left to the right to make the emergency call.

3- Third step:

The call to the emergency services in your region will begin and an alert will be sent to the emergency contacts that you have configured on the Apple Watch 42mm.

Disable emergency calls

To turn off SOS calls on your Apple Watch 42mm, turn off Side Button Hold and Fall Detection from the SOS settings above in steps 4 and 5 of Set up emergency call.

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