Instructions to get IMEI code for free on Cubot devices

How to find the IMEI code on Cubot devices for free. Instructions for displaying the IMEI code on a Cubot smartphone to release it, report it or use the warranty. Search your device among the wide range of Cubot devices available.

Cubot Note 20 Cubot Note 20
Cubot X20 Pro Cubot X20 Pro
Cubot X18 Plus Cubot X18 Plus
Cubot R15 Cubot R15
Cubot X20 Cubot X20
Cubot King Kong Cubot King Kong
Cubot Dinosaur Cubot Dinosaur
Cubot J5 Cubot J5
Cubot King Kong Mini Cubot King Kong Mini
Cubot R15 Pro Cubot R15 Pro
Cubot R19 Cubot R19
Cubot Power Cubot Power
Cubot X6 Cubot X6
Cubot J7 Cubot J7
Cubot Quest Cubot Quest
Cubot P20 Cubot P20
Cubot Magic Cubot Magic
Cubot A890 Cubot A890
Cubot X18 Cubot X18
Cubot Manito Cubot Manito